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    Article: Sex robots could make men, not women, obsolete

    For your Monday Morning Chuckle, have this tripe a read:

    Sex robots could make men, not women, obsolete | Toronto Sun

    I took a long slow head shot at the article with my comment, but my real sentiments are:

    "Yeah, whatever you say sugar tits..."
    - Feminism is Cancer.
    - Where have all the good men gone? Away. Far far away... from you.
    - NAWALT? Maybe, but EWALT means Russian Roulette is a much safer bet...

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    Re: Article: Sex robots could make men, not women, obsolete

    We should be so lucky.

    Is this robot going to work all day, then still take the blame for everything? Is it going to be expected to keep working for it's lady long after being given the bum's rush? If so, it sounds like a great idea, even though robots are ok with me.
    Every day I make the world a little bit worse.

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    Re: Article: Sex robots could make men, not women, obsolete

    As I have said before , men will be at the forefront of design and manufacture of these Sex robots , who do you think they are going to make them for first?
    "Whoever has trusted a woman has trusted deceivers." .... Hesiod

    If you don't design your own life plan, chances are you'll fall into someone else's plan. And guess what they have planned for you? Not much

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    Re: Article: Sex robots could make men, not women, obsolete

    As I have observed before, robots have made the role of the wife obsolete already. Used to be that a man and a woman would team up. The wife would take care of what we might call personal maintenance: laundry, preparing meals; and the husband would go out and work. But now? A washing machine is a robot. It has a microprocessor that takes input from sensors and controls motors. It is a robot. Supermarkets and public schools have made the role of the wife obsolete.

    It is this obsolescence that drove second-wave feminism. Women wanted to leave the home because there was nothing for them to do all day. Third (fourth?) wave feminism is being driven by the obsolescence of a woman's role as a companion.

    If second wave feminism came from woman-as-homemaker becoming obsolete, and fourth-wave from woman-as-companion being phased out, what of third wave feminsm?

    The timing suspiciously coincides with the rise of computer technology in the office. Woman-as-secretary. All those cushy office jobs, the role of enabling men to do the actual work by typing, by shuffling the paper and keeping the diary, *that's* what changed.

    Hmm. One cannot ignore the importance of contraceptive technology.

    2nd wave - the rise of household appliances. "We have no role in the home anymore, we want jobs"
    3rd wave - the rise of office computing. "No-one needs typists and secretaries anymore, we want bullshit jobs doing stuff no-one needs"
    4th wave - the rise of gaming and social media. "Men must be forbidden to exclude us from their social circles"

    It has come full circle, in a way. Feminist-instigated prohibition was not about alcohol consumption. It was about saloon culture - men having places to go to where women were forbidden.

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    Re: Article: Sex robots could make men, not women, obsolete

    I use computer programs in lieu of a secretary. Why should I bother paying a salary when I can realistically do it myself with available software?
    Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity. --Seneca

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