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    I Am Chad and Women Make Me Sick

    Iím a good looking guy . Or at least I was always attractive to women . Thing is Iím tired of them . Not only me but also many friends of mine that are good looking as well . We all have gone MGTOW . Women are sick . And the worst is that they are overvalued . You think being chad would grant you a happy life ? This is bullshit guys . Although I had many casual encounters there were women that clicked to me and I wanted them to be exclusive .

    The thing is women are whackos . Every single one of them . They cannot pair bond . They cannot love . They donít offer any value besides sex anymore . It wasnít always like that . 10-15 years ago women would care a bit for you . And 100 years ago they could definitely pair bond with a man .

    Women are narcissistic and self absorbed today . Even those that ďfall in loveĒ with us are bullshiting . They might say they do but they never act this way . Good looking men fall in love too . And women destroy us every time we do. I have left the game . I donít pursue women anymore . Those that I cared for (and those who I didnít ...lmao) never gave a fuck about me . After every relationship itís like weíre dead to them . And they move on to the next guy . No matter what we invest in the relationship or how long weíre together . They disrespect us . They destroy our self esteem .

    Me and my friends are going our own ways . We might still fuck some of them but weíre never going to commit or spend any time with them. Letís see where this leads to....

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    Re: I Am Chad and Women Make Me Sick

    Quote Originally Posted by Niceguy_chad View Post
    Let’s see where this leads to....
    It had better lead you to the New Member Intros sub-forum asap. Just before you posted this, I had sent you a PM and a VM with what to do. Don't keep posting anywhere else until a valid Intro has been provided. I'm keeping my eye on you because this is one of two usernames that registered one right after the other within the last hour from the same IP address. The other username arrived first and was banned as a site violation after both had been registered, meaning that this one was not in response to that ban. Duplicate accounts are against the rules of this site.
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    Re: I Am Chad and Women Make Me Sick

    Being attractive to women is great. You can go on Tinder whenever you want, and spin some plates. You can even FWB ones that are hotter or just like to fuck, or give you a proper fuck. You can even find ones who are into all manner of degrading shit, if that's your thing. Nobody is saying being Red Pilled or even going MGTOW is centered on abstinence- it's not. If women have lowered themselves to the value of a sexual plaything, is that really your fault? Don't dwell on it too much - they've made their choices. Did YOU have a choice? Did they ask YOU what YOU thought? No, they didn't listen to men or anyone else who told them they might be on a wayward path. Fuck it. Just go with it. Focus on yourself: your career, your health, your physique, your hobbies, your passions, wealth building and retirement fund. Insulate yourself from female tricks and manipulation. Don't marry or cohabit. Use protection religiously and always destroy your DNA - never leave your semen in a trash can. Women HAVE DONE THIS - the "turkey baster pregnancy" - they're that cunning and manipulative (and deceitful). If you are 100% certain you will never want kids, get a vasectomy.

    If you're a "genetic Alpha" and women want to fuck you, you have it made. Just never think you can wife-up today's woman and retain your alpha status. Once she turns you, and you become a beta provider, she will instantly lose respect for you. Then, you will face the divorce meat grinder like 100 million beta-bitch men before you.

    Why would you ever do such a thing? Don't be that guy!
    - Feminism is Cancer.
    - Where have all the good men gone? Away. Far far away... from you.
    - NAWALT? Maybe, but EWALT means Russian Roulette is a much safer bet...

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