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    Men are afraid to mentor women after #MeToo and it hurts us all: study

    By Rob Bailey-Millado

    "Men are scared of women now. and SurveyMonkey’s new #MentorHer poll reveals Friday that 60% of male managers report feeling “too nervous” about being accused of harassment to interact with women in “common workplace” activities such as mentoring, socializing and one-on-one meetings.

    That’s a 32% spike from 2018, with an additional 36% of men saying they now actively avoid women in junior-level positions — effectively chopping down their shot at climbing the corporate ladder.
    “The vast majority of managers and senior leaders are men,” says Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook COO and founder of, in a statement. “If they are reluctant even to meet one-on-one with women, there’s no way women can get an equal shot at proving themselves.”
    Widening the gender gap is actually an abuse of power, she says . . . "
    Full article:

    Chickens are coming home to roost! Potential victims of the Metooers realize they could be next and are taking evasive action!

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    Re: Men are afraid to mentor women after #MeToo and it hurts us all: study

    Men are not scared of women, they are scared of women’s proxy power.

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    Re: Men are afraid to mentor women after #MeToo and it hurts us all: study

    My bro is heavy into IT and among themselves they talk about not having women in their teams . But they all have wives and girlfriends for some reason .

    They think its just the society and the law that is wrong .

    But it is just almighty nature . That is above everything and everyone .
    You cant keep a player down!
    Dont hate him , hate your fuking bullshit game !

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    Re: Men are afraid to mentor women after #MeToo and it hurts us all: study

    I just got my new dashcam today, one of the cams failed in one of my vehicles, it's stuck on night vision and shows only white during the day, I feel so much relief now that I have the replacement!

    Fear? You're god damned right I'm AFRAID! The system prefers the word of a women (fucking liar) over the word of a man! Dash cameras don't lie! They're my incontrovertible hear'n'see WITNESS! I also have body cam and CCTV, why? You need not ask why if you're a man!

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