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    9 Charts Show White Women Drinking Themselves To Death!

    9 Charts Show White Women Drinking Themselves To Death! Who'll feed the cats? Arguably the BIGGEST benefactors of feminism, White women are hitting the sauce hard!

    Drinking is killing twice as many middle-aged white women as it did 18 years ago.
    Generally, middle age (age 35 to 54) is not the time to die in modern societies. It is past teenage dangers, before the serious perils of age, and improved medical care and public-health campaigns are keeping more people alive.
    So why are middle-aged white women dying more often even while death rates for other groups continue to go down? What are white women doing that is so different?

    One simple answer is: a lot more drinking.

    You've come a LONG way, Baby!

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    Re: 9 Charts Show White Women Drinking Themselves To Death!

    From the comments section......

    Well, that is the age when it hits the cosmopolitan Leftist, Militant Feminist, childless women that they fell for an ideology that ruined their chances for a meaningful life with children and grandchildren. Many stay drunk because it eases the pain , envy and anger of seeing other women their age enjoy the Families they allowed themselves to start. These escalating death rates from drink reflect feelings of anger and resentment from being duped for decades with the realization that it's now too late. These poor tricked creatures see other women their age with their grandchildren, birthday parties, impending weddings and births; while they go to an empty Apartment with a cat.
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    Re: 9 Charts Show White Women Drinking Themselves To Death!

    Haha. Well, I think the man on the street can observe first-hand the effects of feminism have been most drastic on white women in the last 5-10 years (feminism infected black women in the 70's and therefore its further effect recently is minimal; as evidenced by the chart which shows that while alchohol-related death for white women went up 130% since 1999, black women went Down by 12% over that time. Latinas and Asian women seem somewhat insulated from feminism due to the strength of traditional gender roles in their home culture).

    New Years Eve is a hilarious day because it's the one day of the year that women drop their guard and throw glances at men; and you see the pain of isolation in their eyes. I think it's even worse than on Valentine's Day because they've hamstered their way into turning that day into vindication of their single-lifestyle; but on NYE, there is no pre-written script for how to justify their solitude. I was barely out on NYE and got eyeballed several times by women. It's not the normal eye contact either. There's a longing in it that's recognizable. It happened a few times and I thought to myself- what's the deal- and I had to remember of this dynamic on NYE. I had a terrific day with a buddy watching a play and enjoying dinner out. But I do wonder how many of those women drank on NYE at midnight....and then just kept drinking to forget they were alone. Men just handle being on their own better. A lot better.

    Now it may be true that men have as much alcohol usage but this is nothing new. We're to believe that Feminism is a boon for women and yet rates of depression and alcoholism among women has never been higher, even though economics would suggest otherwise? The trendy CW is: women live difficult lives. It's not fucking true at all. There are no expectation of women. They don't need to advance in their careers. Who cares? They don't, those judging them don't. They don't need to excel, to mature; which is why they rarely do. And no one thinks ill of them because of it.

    Life is easy for a woman. Everyone is rooting for you, no one has grand expectations of you, you don't even have expectations of yourself to change the world, or get to a certain station in life. And they still fuck it up. They still get depressed and slam home liquor. At some point, the talking heads in society are going to realize female happiness is uncorrelated with professional achievement. The pain of a woman being alone, and not having children (especially when seeing peers who aren't and do) is a reality that has to be contended with; eventually some women will see through the feminists in this predicament who try to rationalize it and tell women "it's not so bad". It's better to be happy than feminist.

    From the comments:
    I felt sad and angry when I read them. I feel strongly about American society generally lacking support for the mothers. It's a real problem that, mysteriously, nobody talks about. Not in elections, not anywhere. The White American women I worked with are the most hardworking, kind, reasonable, principled and cultured women I've met anywhere. They are your own wives, sisters, daughters. They deserve better.
    No you don't. You deserve a lot less. And that's what a rapidly growing population of aware men are going to give you. We're tired of your martyr complex bullshit. Shut the fuck up and go drown your sorrows in another six pack of boxed wine. Women make for good: fuckbuddies, escorts, and targets of ridicule. Why? Because of your own conduct, lack of femininity, regression to primitive mating behavior, promiscuity. Feminism forgot to tell you that freedom is not "empowering" it is burdening. You have to deal with something your incomplete genetics leaves out: that is a sense of responsibility for your actions. I'm sorry you have Hypoagency AND want to call the shots. Life must be very confusing for you all.
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    Re: 9 Charts Show White Women Drinking Themselves To Death!

    More women need to die from alcoholism for women to be "Equal" (the same) as men.

    Bottoms up ladies!

    I wish they had boxed whiskey...
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    Re: 9 Charts Show White Women Drinking Themselves To Death!

    Drinking is killing twice as many middle-aged white women as it did 18 years ago. Generally, middle age (age 35 to 54)
    When its as specific as this, you have to look at the particular cohort that it's killing - women born '63 to '82. Gen X, in other words. It's not the case that middle-aged women are drinking themselves to death - Gen X women are drinking themselves to death when they reach middle age.

    Mind you - the reasons for their doing this have only grown more acute with time. It bodes ill for gen Y and the millennials.

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