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    New to the site but not to MGTOW

    So this is my intro post. I also have some words to get off my chest so if I ramble a bit it's because I want people to see it and read it. You can think of it as giving background to me or insight to what I deal with.

    So who am I?

    You can call me J. I am in my late twenties and I am from the Caribbean. I've been MGTOW officially since 2015 but for at least 5 years prior, I've always held the idea that there was something wrong with relationships. I didn't know what it was and I couldn't explain it, maybe because I was too young at the time but I knew something was off. I am a doctor by profession but I don't even know how much longer I'll be one due to the job being extremely terrible. I swear, sometimes I feel like trying to practice medicine in the third world is akin to self-mutilation. But being a doctor, I am exposed to so many situations that if I wasn't red-pilled I don't know how I would survive. I also see so many people, from the blatantly hypergamous to the ones that are more sneaky and secretive. And the guys who range from the bluest of blues to just about a small few who I would say are awakened but are reluctant to swallow the red pill. The majority of my colleagues fall in the latter category but they either end up slipping back or doing drugs because they just can't fathom that everything they've been told about women is a lie and they buckle under the constant pressure from co-workers, from family and their 'friends'.
    I am mixed race, bilingual (English and Spanish), fair skinned but not white. This has been kind of a challenge in my life because my country is made primarily of two races and racism against each other is present, it's gone into hiding now but still present. I've experienced it when I was a child because not being of either race, I didn't belong anywhere and I was told that, repeatedly. So that helped to shape my thoughts into always seeking the truth, rather than just accepting what you've been told because women are the greatest proponents of keeping the "lie" alive. Your family is second. I never thought of myself as attractive until I swallowed the red pill. Watching women interacting with me and my physical qualities. I'm average height but with ripped with a chiseled jaw, which only came from losing body fat. I've told myself that I didn't want to become like all the other men in my family who were all fat, on both sides. So I joined the gym when I was 19. Long before I even dreamt of MGTOW.
    My country is typical of a third world island. We're not savages, but we're also extremely lazy and everyone has this disdain for their country, where the only time they have national pride is where alcohol is being sold. And as a people we drink a lot of alcohol. Whereever there is alcohol, there is promiscuous and lewd behaviour. I think I read somewhere that they estimated a percentage of children being raised by fathers that aren't biologically theirs. From my observation, it's around 50-60% where I'm from. And it's been normalized to the point where everyone talks about it and everyone knows. "How did Grandma have eleven children? Your two uncles are a little darker than the rest and they kinda resemble the man that helped your grandfather build the house." But even though the entire family and the town knows about it, they still continue to perpetuate the lie about marriage and children. I call it having a convenient value system where you believe and support something only when there's a direct benefit to be had. I've seen devout religious people deny the existence of their god at the snap of a finger because they were interested in doing business with the atheist/agnostic they were talking to. I used to not understand it at first, but now I do. And growing up here, I've come to realize that even I have some of these traits myself. I have to have them otherwise I'd never survive. Shapeless, formless and giving only as much information as I deem necessary.

    How did I end up MGTOW?

    I got linked to a Facebook post back in early 2015 with Tommy Sotomayor and I watched his video about black women and I instantly thought he was right about them and their behaviour. It IMMEDIATELY dawned on me that THIS was the behaviour I've been seeing in women all my life. So I started to watch more and more of his videos. Then I ended up at ROK. After reading some of the posts there I concluded that the guys there weren't being as honest as Tommy and that something else was missing. Then I saw someone comment MGTOW. So off to reddit I went. Back then the subreddit was bare bones but the posts there were phenomenal. I read for weeks and months and everytime I saw something, I knew it was the truth because it gave me anxiety and goosebumps. That someone could be able to explain what I could not, so eloquently and most of all, accurately to what I've seen. The larger portion about it was that I was not alone. There were people out there that thought the same as I did. I would frequently see cross-posts to TRP but I never paid too much attention to them because I thought, just like ROK, they were holding back. Later on I realized that the only reason they held back is because some of them have things to sell, but MGTOW never had anything to sell because MGTOW doesn't care. And that's what I love. Don't get me wrong, the philosophy posts in TRP are top-notch and can really teach you a lot but it stops at a point. It could never have the same resonance as a post by Isaiah4verse1. It was too late to go back. The horse had bolted from the stable while the guards were alseep. I went across to but those guys are fanatics. The only thing I can agree with them on is that bullets can solve a lot of problems. If you no longer fear the consequences of your actions then you can do anything. That's the dangerous part of MGTOW. Then I found mgtowhq and the posts there were just as great as the original reddit. This was around the time that I officially accepted MGTOW as it had been months from the original journey. And I decided to do it on my birthday no less. Note: I never joined ANY of these websites. The only one I came close to was mgtowhq but before I could join they went dark. I regretted not joining. I google searched for other MGTOW forums and found this one. In my lurking over the years I've been seeing posts trickling in slowly but over the past year I've noticed an increase in activity which made me finally decide to sign up since I had all these thoughts that I needed to tell someone. And I'm not done yet.

    Experience with women

    I've already written so much and I feel like this can be a novel by itself. Throughout my life, I could get girls to go out with me, make out with me etc. I could do everything, finger them, have sex, anal even but no matter what I did, I could not get them to be in a relationship with me. (This is pre-MGTOW). I know now that this is a feature of the red pill and should be embraced and I'm actually happy that none of them said yes otherwise I'd be here after the divorce rape, not before it. I've received varied emotions and expressions from women, from those that were head-over-heels for me to those that were just doing it because I was available. So not much of them actually stand out. As individuals they do but collectively, nothing could be gained from it. Which is why I started looking for the truth because it didn't make sense and I never bought into the idea that women could not be figured out.
    I would say this though, which may be contrary a popularly held notion here but I can explain. I actually succeeded using blue pill behaviour once. There was this girl in my gym who had rejected the trainer's advances and him being the only trainer at the gym decided that he was going to ignore her from now on. She still came to the gym and tried the exercises that she knew but you could still see that she was struggling. She was already slim and had some really nice breasts but she wanted to lose more weight. Our gym only had middle aged people because the trainer would get always find a reason to get rid of young men from the gym, he had a large ego and I understand that he wanted to be the alpha. I joined when I was 102 lbs so I was no threat to him until I got to around 160. Then he tried to get rid of me too, even though he was the one that got me there. So I helped her with her workouts and I could see the trainer's eye on us sometimes. I was doing it innocently at the time, not even expecting anything in return. She gave me her number and we started training together. One day when I asked her what time to meet her, she told me to walk up to her house because some stray dogs on her roadway were troubling her and one almost bit her. So I went to her house which was about 3 blocks away from the gym in the opposite direction to my house, so I had to walk from my house, pass in front of the gym and continue walking for 15 more minutes to get to where she lived. When I arrived outside her house, I messaged again to ask her if she was ready. She told me to come upstairs to look at a protein supplement she bought. I did. And when I went inside she showed it to me and asked my opinion. She also wasn't ready yet. I gave her my honest opinion and by the time I realized that she was standing too close to me, she was looking directly into my eyes and we ended up having sex. The moral of that story is not that blue pill activity worked as a strategy because I don't believe that it did. The only explanation I have was that somehow I managed to out-alpha the gym trainer and stole a girl he wanted, making me the winner.
    I've only ever fell for a woman once. We'll call her dumbass. It was my second year in my first degree in University and I was smitten. I went through all the emotions. There was so much anxiety because I even though I couldn't control her answers, I wanted her to be my girlfriend so I held onto her every word. I broke apart every single thing she said because after being denied the opportunity of being in a relationship since I was in high school, I wanted to experience what everyone else had. I don't know why but it was what I wanted more than anything. And now as I look back I realize that I was pushing way too hard and she was not giving anything up. She toyed with my emotions, used me for validation and left me there hanging after leading me on for months. And all of my friends wondered why I was so much in love with her that I was willing to drop them to go be with her and she had no redeeming qualities. They warned me repeatedly. The evening she told me that she's sorry but she can't be with me. I cried. I got sick. I felt feverish. I even vomited twice. Since nothing really happened between us, my feelings faded quickly.
    Another important one came after accepting MGTOW. I met someone through mutual friends and decided that it had been a while so I wanted to see if I still had game. Needless to say I got through. Keep in mind that she made no attempt to tell me she had a fiance. I learnt that after the fact by my friends who actually thought I had more honour than to have sex with a practically married woman. I started to feel bad but I rationalized it saying that I didn't promise to marry her so WTF do I care. So I went to her apartment to ask her why she didn't tell me. We ended up having sex again and afterwards she did the most strangest thing I ever witnessed. She called her boyfriend/fiance immediately after and told him that she was coming over to cook him his favorite dinner and told him she loved him very much. And I'm lying there which my mouth agape, stunned at what just happened. I left confused. While going home in the car, I tried so hard to make sense of it, that someone could just flip on you, just like that, and then flip back. I knew it could happen, but I never knew it could happen right in front of me. Reading the stories and actually LIVING it are two entirely different experiences and I have to admit, I felt it for that guy. I ended up ghosting her and life moved on.

    I should point out that the first story takes place 1 year after the second one. I have had other experiences but as I stated before, none of them were memorable and nothing could be learnt from them because there aren't enough similarities between them to identify a pattern. Plus, I didn't really care to analyze them all. I already got what I wanted.
    I guess that should be enough. I could always add more if necessary.
    I have more experiences with respect to my culture and society, politics. Even though the feminazis haven't completely taken over yet but we basically model everything we have after America anyway. I might actually enjoy being here.

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    Re: New to the site but not to MGTOW

    Damn, that was a chunk a words. nobody can say your not trying.

    Where did you stumble onto this place?
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    Re: New to the site but not to MGTOW

    Good intro, welcome to GYOW, brother!
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    Re: New to the site but not to MGTOW

    When mgtowhq went down, I was looking for more places to read things so I actually googled this place.

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    Re: New to the site but not to MGTOW

    Welcome J.I remember you from the other site. You're among friends here. Your country sounds like Jamaica. Too much 'irie mon' amd not enough ambition.
    "Don't follow in my footsteps. I stepped in something."

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    Re: New to the site but not to MGTOW

    Good Intro J.. Welcome on board my friend. I hope you enjoy your stay here.
    see you around.
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    Re: New to the site but not to MGTOW

    Quote Originally Posted by Joetech View Post
    Welcome J.I remember you from the other site. You're among friends here. Your country sounds like Jamaica. Too much 'irie mon' amd not enough ambition.
    I was never on any other site and I'm not from Jamaica.
    All Caribbean people are basically the same anyways. The only differences between us are the accents and the food.

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    Re: New to the site but not to MGTOW

    Quote Originally Posted by Juggernaut View Post
    When mgtowhq went down, I was looking for more places to read things so I actually googled this place.
    When did this happen? Dp you know why. By chance?


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