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    Re: A New Shadow Approaches the Theatre of the Real

    Quote Originally Posted by StevenCooper View Post
    I would like to briefly discuss my professional life, which has turned out rather weird to say the least. It might surprise you to know that I'm not in the theater or the liberal arts! Not at all, I'm actually someone who took hard scientific material very close to microbiology and getting into the structure of life itself at a genetic level. What's not so cool is graduating with this kind of achievement into the Great Recession, and finding myself blacklisted from the majority of employment on social grounds.

    Just imagine for a second that you have one of those backyard inflatable swimming pools, filled all up with red-pills and I'm back there in a lab coat, chowing down. That's the kind of shock I experienced and the hard conversation that I now live by. Like hey, I understand how to splice a phosphorescent gene into E. Coli but I'm looking at a future of seasonal work only and living a freeter-type existence out of a storage unit. You go up to any given pharmaceutical manufacturing company and this is how it goes: You put in applications, phone calls, query letters and are mazed out and ignored until you ultimately visit the front desk and are physically removed by security. You wanna know why this is? Well, it turns out the company directly imports Muslims from overseas at 50% of the cost. Americans need not apply.

    So, elsewhere, there you are with your obsessive compulsive head melt-down where you're constantly processing information because eight years worth of high-tech training can arbitrarily be smited out of existence. You do this so some gynocentric human resources scab can invent reasons why you're not qualified for their shit-tier position-- such as public library reshelver-- when you've accessed scholarly databases and made trips to the Library of Congress along with Goddard. Space. Center. Keep in mind, this isn't phone-a-friend work we're talking about here, but moving a book from a metal cart into... wait for it now, an alpha-numeric system. I even asked them a question about a book that looked like a category misfile and they were unable to answer it.

    Well, the heck with them, I guess I'll have to make the jump from cosmetics factory to electrical apprentice to selling e-books and roll that into real estate, yeah! Needless to say I'm always interested in learning about alternative revenue streams or skillsets that I can default to.
    I understand very well what you have experienced. Even stem is not safe because there are so many social nuances and social networks you must navigate to land a good job that treats a scientist fairly and with dignity.

    Most of my starting intro jobs offered to me involved working in remote forested or swamp environments or being an errand boy shuffling paper work and mail from one office location to another.

    Being told I am under qualified for many of the job openings I applied to when my skills, talent and experience meet or exceed the criteria of those job openings. But often some of those that did the interviews with me would slip up. The interviewers that slipped up would say that I am overqualified which is more honest and I quickly realize they are just bringing me in to fill a quota for the interview process. However, that is not a good consolation prize when you are looking for work that offers some dignity for what you are trained to do and have a passion for. In the end it is still a learning process and a very humbling one to learn how the deck can be stacked.

    This is why I continue to work side gigs in my industry while looking at different passive income strategies. At the same time I still build experience, a social network and certifications. But I also completely bypass being forced to work in an office that doesn't value my experience, certs, and degree. Sometimes you have to think outside the box to avoid the traps that exist in the blue pill world.

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    Re: A New Shadow Approaches the Theatre of the Real

    Hey folks, I'm just going to post a cross-section here of my relationships / experiences with women; there were a couple of other situations, mostly of the long-distance / orbiter variety-- but I think these examples best show how I was changing over time.


    The Worst - Long Distance Relationship, Case #1

    The first woman I developed feelings for was a complete nightmare, imagine getting hit with a freight train of red flags while still being in a formative state (of even getting to know women on a personal level). We're talking about enjoying a couple of games of Go, along with discussions of hiking trips, but after awhile she unloads this whole mess of being a rape/molestation victim, having HPV (genital warts), then to top things off she was writing slash fiction about dudes screwing other dudes over billiard tables, to somehow "work through" her issues. Around this time I was looking up Borderline Personality Disorder, STDs, and female psychosexual dysfunction-- since I was just about skull-fucked into the world's biggest salvage operation. It's difficult to reconstruct my thoughts from this era, but the "Romance" led me into a daily suffering*

    Besides the whole weepy, emo, lay-down-and-die effects-- there was also the matter of how she strung me along for a year, only to cancel an agreed-upon visit on the very last day. This put me out $500 on the price of a plane ticket, and made me look like a fool in front of my father-- who was naturally concerned about the situation but had agreed to drive me to the airport. I was about full-on with White Knight suicide mode, but some tiny, survival-oriented part of my brain was cagey enough to do research among her social contacts. And this is when I unpeeled her tinfoil statement of "I'm not seeing anyone" to learn that she was fucking her trailer roommate, a gent from Canada, and another one from Belgium. I hadn't even bought a property on Baltic Avenue to put up my first house, and this chick is trying to fit me in as Fourth corner on her looney square.

    One good thing came of this though, in the months that followed where I was yelling my eyes out in the darkness of a sleeping bag put over my head. I started listening to Gravity Kills and Stabbing Westward, both of whom truly understood the situation.


    *You might want to think of this as a dangerous combination of blue and black pill, along with a sympathy ovulation.
    "Little Mercy, your sweet friend... she doesn't exist. She wasn't even an actor. She was just a prop. A piece of scenery. A flat.

    Something I made up."

    ~ Alice Cooper: The Last Temptation

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    Re: A New Shadow Approaches the Theatre of the Real

    The Disappointing - Real World Relationship, Case #2

    Next in our gallery is a Chinese exchange student who I met during the middle of my college years. Picture a gal of short stature, with scant cleavage displayed as an awkward floral arrangement, but otherwise cute and well-put together. She also had an excitable personality, speaking in a rapid way that fueled much of my initial attraction.

    This cutie had two main character flaws, however, once you made your way past the shine and the nice smells: A lust for money and the need to transform men into her personal sled-dogs. I did the chauffeur thing for her once or twice, but passed on a whole batch of other duties that she wanted done such as writing chemistry reports, pet-sitting, etc. Then on the other side of the coin, when I started to push for our casual get-togethers to include a fun movie date, or a more classic boyfriend-girlfriend arrangement, she would always be too tired or filled with other excuses.

    Over time, I figured her to be some kind of workaholic, whose goal was to hit this country up for her nurse's training and run. She wasn't going to commit to anything, but in the meantime she was looking for a total emotional footstool. I stuck with this gal for about a semester, trying to educate her on the meaning of "give and take"-- but all she could do was stick a gun in my face.
    "Little Mercy, your sweet friend... she doesn't exist. She wasn't even an actor. She was just a prop. A piece of scenery. A flat.

    Something I made up."

    ~ Alice Cooper: The Last Temptation

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    Re: A New Shadow Approaches the Theatre of the Real

    The Good? - Real World Date, Case #3

    Once I reached my late 20's, things began to get more interesting in my dating pool. This time I met up with a recently divorced woman on the rebound. Korean-Russian ethnicity, former cheerleader and medical student, works in some administrative capacity for the state government-- rubberstamping legislation. She rolls up to the date in one of those black German cricket cars, like something out of a spy movie where they're tracking down some lost microfilm. Anyhow, I kind of had a bit of fun with this one, since she was from the upper crust and I didn't really care.

    For the first half of the date, everything is cooperating in a "romantic sense." It was one of those cold and celestial January evenings, and we were having some in-depth conversation while dancing the shivers off next to a water fountain. After about 40 minutes we step into a restaurant to have chicken fingers and mozzarella sticks (the simple snackfood is my suggestion, and I think she must be roughin' it for sure). Then it so happens our conversation shifts in such a way that I make a compliment on her appearance. She's not overweight, but is tall (stately) with a touch of chubbiness here and there which puts her in the healthy category. In short, I tell her that she's cuddly, with a neck that was made for snuggle-docking!

    And man, this sets her off. She starts racing in anxiety mode, talking about how she needs to go on a crash diet and lose the extra pounds. Nothing I say can slow her down-- for a little while she seems to go into complete emotional meltdown. At this stage I couldn't help but feel a strange marvel and merriment. Did I win? Did I knock the pinball machine off-kilter?

    To her credit she managed to finish the date-- yet as a closer I decided to try out another unconventional move, since I was having such a good time. "How about this?" I said. "You cover the meal this time and I'll pick up the tab next time." She agreed, and I thought to myself what a brilliant way to secure a second date; surely she would want to collect-on an owed meal.

    Needless to say I didn't get a second date out of this one, as she must've come to her senses and realized that she was dating a man of lesser means who was out charming big mammoth! Ah, so you are the daughter of a wealthy businessman? Let me tell you all about growing up barefoot in the woods

    I suppose what I enjoyed most about this experience was "not having anything to lose." What I mean is that I had begun to discard my reverence towards women, so I was no longer getting down on one knee to simp(ly) accept their abuse. I had circled the castle and found a different view, that no amount of "knighting" would change a female misfit into a life partner.
    "Little Mercy, your sweet friend... she doesn't exist. She wasn't even an actor. She was just a prop. A piece of scenery. A flat.

    Something I made up."

    ~ Alice Cooper: The Last Temptation

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