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    Long overdue introduction, been busy!

    Hello, gentlemen. I am so glad to have found safe harbor among like-minded men. I would like to give you a little of my background.

    I am the by-product of divorced parents. Hell, I donít even remember them together as a couple, since they divorced when I was two years old. I lived with my single-mom for a few years. She was in bad health. By the time I was in the 4th grade, I had moved in with my maternal grandparents and had the pleasure of growing up in a two parent household until I graduated from high school. My father was a policeman on the rise to become a homicide detective. He was more interested in climbing the ladder in the police department and chasing tail than raising me. My mother passed away while I was in the 6th grade. While my maternal grandparents were good people, there was a huge generation gap between us. I had already developed some hermit attributes during my childhood.

    One of the important details of my childhood was that I got the opportunity to live in a very small town in Western Colorado. There are advantages and disadvantages to the small town life. The advantages were that I got to participate in every extra-curricular activity in the school. For instance, I made the starting-five on the basketball team. There were only 7 on the whole team. I also graduated in the top 10 of my classÖthere were only 9 of us that graduated. There were only 3 girls in my class and they pretty much were land whales that also happened to get clobbered by every branch of the ugly tree. So, I lost my virginity several years after high school. I just didnít have the confidence around girls during that period of my life.

    After I graduated high school, I moved to Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas. I tried college for a couple of years and didnít have any direction. When I was 20, I applied to a major Fire Department in the DFW area and made the cut. For several years, I went traveling. I wanted to see the world. It was strange transitioning into the work force so early in life. Most of the fire stations I went to had much older men that were married with kids and they worked part time as well to finance their cupcakeís dream life. I didnít want to have anything to do with that. I just wanted to get laid, not tie myself down to a bunch of responsibilities and bills. Plus, I didnít really see myself as having kids for a long time.

    It took a really long time for me to have confidence to approach women. Because I was young and inexperienced, I was overlooked time and time again. If those dumb bitches had any idea what kind of benefits and pension I had with the Fire Department, I wouldnít have had any problems getting pussy. But, I didnít want to use my career as a way to get laid. I wanted them to accept me as a person, not as a money pit.

    Instead of chasing tail, I decided to explore ways into making more money for myself. To make a long story short, I ended up teaching myself the business of portrait and wedding photography. There were no photographers in the Fire Department. I realized that I would always have a customer base and could make decent money on the side, which I did. This was back in the days before the digital age and the internet. I shot with a Mamiya 645 and printed my own work in my mentorís darkroom. I had a lot of fun in those days.

    I ended up finally meeting a girl through a friend and we started seeing each other. I had only had a few one night stands up to this point and was still pretty inexperienced with women. She didnít seem like she had been on the carousel for too long before she met me. Nonetheless, I waited 5 years before I proposed to her. The only reason that I finally proposed, was that I finally went to meet her family in Southern California. They were millionaires. We ended up getting married at her auntís house in Malibu. She even managed to talk the LA County FD to bring their rig to the wedding so we could get wedding pictures with it. All in all, it was a kick ass wedding.

    After the wedding, we bought a house and lived a pretty normal life for a couple years. And then her mother unexpectedly died. That changed everything. She went batshit crazy from that point on. She quit working, was constantly depressed, consulted the hive more than she did me, and turned off the sex completely. While I will admit that I had some part in the marriage not working out, she pretty much gave up on it. She ran back home to her family in California. I was heartbroken. We divorced the following year. While I wasnít raked through the coals as much as a lot of the men that have gone through that process, sheís going to get a small portion of my pension for the rest of her/my life. Itís funny. I donít ever recall her ever being on the fire ground loading hose back on to the truck at 4:00 in the morning. Yet, she will get paid as if she did.

    I suppose that experience is what led me to not ever have any desire to get married again. I threw everything I could into making the marriage work. Hell, I looked forward to getting her pregnant and taking the baby out to Malibu a few times a year. Luckily, I didnít get her pregnant and therefore, no child support!

    It took about 2 years for me to get over the divorce. Those 2 years almost killed me. I let the house go, the 2 cars go, the photography business go, and developed a really nice crystal meth addiction, which also cost me that great career with the Fire Department. By the time I decided to get clean from crystal meth, my arms looked like a dartboard from shooting up. I ended up in a homeless shelter for 2 years and wasnít sure if there was any way that I could ever get back what I once had.

    This August, I celebrate 11 years clean from the hell of crystal meth addiction.

    While I have not fully recovered all the material things that I lost from the divorce and the subsequent addiction, I have gained an appreciation for the things I do have. After taking the red pill, I have become a minimalist. I was able to leave my contributions to the pension until my retirement date, which will be November 1st, 2019. Although I will not retire with a full pension, I will get a monthly check (minus the bitchís cut) for the rest of my life. So, if I continue to live modestly, I wonít have to work ever again.

    Iím not exactly sure of what exactly brought me to MGTOW. I think I accidentally saw the acronym on the internet and found I wasnít the only man that went through the meat grinder of marriage and divorce. Once I read some stories, I identified with the entire MGTOW philosophy. I decided that never again would I go through the bullshit experience of an extravagant wedding, flying halfway across the country to see in-laws that I didnít give a shit about, or the daily grind of marriage. There is no way that the bitch deserves a nickel of my pension. Nor does any bitch in the future deserve it either.

    Thanks for reading, guys. I hope I can help any man NOT go through what I went through. I believed in the blue pill world through and through. It failed me miserably. There were many times I had the gun under my chin or a syringe full of bleach about to plunge into my vein. Thank God thatís over. Thank God thereís another way. That way is MGTOW.
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    Re: Long overdue introduction, been busy!

    LosPuke, thank you for this Intro. As I read it, I had no idea what was coming following your divorce, the complete change of energy in your life, the loss of what you had. The giving up.

    First of all, I am sorry for your parents divorcing and then that you lost your mother at such an early age. I had my parents the whole time, warts and all.

    I'm glad you are away from the toxic fairy tale you had married. I commend you for being clean for 11 years now. More power to you. They say you can tell much about a man not so much by the great things he has accomplished but by what he has overcome. I have much respect for your ability to correct your course. I, too, thank God that your dark days of self-destruction are behind you.

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    Re: Long overdue introduction, been busy!

    Very nice work LosPuke. Welcome.
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    Re: Long overdue introduction, been busy!

    Yikes. Talk about rock bottom and clawing your way back out of that pit. Sounds like you're a son of a Chad from your parents description...
    Might be worthwhile, even as a minimalist, to see if you can't monetize something you enjoy doing. A little extra never hurts, relying on a pension for the rest of your life may not be wise if things ever really fall to pieces (and given the times, they very well might do so).
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    Re: Long overdue introduction, been busy!

    Thank you for sharing this intimate and fascinating story.
    Well done to you for overcoming your addiction. Women are the other addiction, and it can kill as well; especially financially.

    Would you kindly share some stories from your past about your relationships with women? what have you experienced on dates for example? Before or after the date, the women's behaviour, how did she make you feel? or how did you feel about her?

    Your insights can very much help other MGTOW.

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    Re: Long overdue introduction, been busy!

    Wow, glad you found us brother, welcome.


    Pussy is and will always be transitory. You'll get it when you can and enjoy life anyway when you can't.

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