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    The hardest part was choosing bachelor or ghost lol

    About my past experience as a mgtow:
    Not a very good one. I've always understood hypergamy, refused to put up with women's shit more than I had to too get laid, but really that's just pua. Women will trick us into selling ourselves short all the time. I've slept with more cunts than I can remember and literally still get called a virgin and a loser who can't talk to women uhhhhh no. No the fact I can, I have, is why I hate women. And I won't sugar coat that with nawalt or human nature. I hate women. I'd wear a fucking hood and burn tampons outside their lawn lol! But that's not very practical so I'll just treat them like shit and never do a damn thing for them.

    Red Pill moment:
    You'd think it would have been with my almost five year whale but no. I wrote that off as just avoid tradthots. Again a nawalt fallacy.

    Bout two years later I was in a serious relationship with some physically and mentally handicapped girl I ironically met trolling her. (Nerds have alpha fucks too) I never had a real job which my Christian ex hated about me prior but this little autistic retard troglodyte was my oneitus. I just legit wanted to take care of her. Not kids, but her. And going from not doing dick to an over 50+ hour work week was certainly proof. And than she monkey branches. But she is mentally handicapped so that branch snapped and she fell lol. The guy has loaded parents but is unstable as fuuuuck and it's not like he's in any competent state to maintain their wealth. It might not even be literal monkey branching so much as women just do whatever with no care how it effects those around them. After that was when the real hypergamy kicked in though. To lose your existential purpose can make you suicidal and here I just wanted to be left alone. NOPE the beta cucks and sheboons at my job kept harassing me, my parents up my dick hole, (not that that's unusual) and failed relationship after failed relationship not even trying to be in a relationship in the strictest since anymore just copy thst sense of purpose the oneitus gave me. And I tried EVEREEEEYTHING I tried foreign chicks, trannies, the nawalt became like the alchemist stone of some big conspiracy to discover it's gold vagina formula.

    One day I was just at a low point and the boss called me in threatening to fire me and I looked him right in the eye and said"you called me in here for that? You could've told me this over the phone. Instead you wake my ass up bring me down here for an excuse that is probably the third stupidest thing I have ever heard."

    Needless to say not fired gotta keep that front. Still treated like shit but in a way I can tolerate. I'm basically in a hole for 40+ hours a week no lunch break and if I gotta piss better find a bush. But you know what? I don't do dick. And I don't wanna do dick for them. Jobs are JUST LIKE dating and that'y wisdom to you guys.

    Women think they're your employer and pay you in pussy. your labor and effort is valuable to the extent they're willing to putout and nothing more. That's why dating asks all the same questions as s job interview WHERE DO YOU SEE YOURSELF IN TEN YEARS?!

    Not getting paid eight dollars/a crappy hanfjob bitch


    I even have a oneitus in work and that's working at a hookah lounge. Which this Italian little sirfagallot knows and is always hiring young skanks than a month later looking for new employees because they don't know what they're doing. And this fucker knows my schedule already, knows I know what I'm talking about, I think he just wants one of these just out of college kids to be his girlfriend. So fine I told him go hire another slut but in the next two months do not fucking email me and I better not see an indeed ad because you keep doing this shit and the same thing keeps happening. A terrible man still pisses me off more than a woman because all that potential down the drain.

    What my plans are now is absolutely fucking nothing sept living with my best friend, and working on this news app called nihilism news. Basically you can read about all sorts of tragedies and crime related incidents but it's portrayed tongue and cheek and a good thing. Especially when it happens to women lol here's an example

    "Someone got raped and that's good"

    Roastie: What if that was your sister?!
    Roastie: Your mother?
    Roastie: You?

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    Re: The hardest part was choosing bachelor or ghost lol

    Umm … ok. A little bit disconnected, but ok. The "job == relationship" point is a good one. Men are supposed to turn up and perform in return for cookies.

    You might want to read the principles of the forum, though. The forum is anonymous but it isn't private, and SJWs like to quote-mine. So if you can keep the "rape is ok" stuff to your own site, that would be good.

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    Re: The hardest part was choosing bachelor or ghost lol

    Welcome to the forum. You have a lot of anger and it is understandable. Here is some advice. Let it go. I know & understand you are hurt from being wronged but the best revenge is not giving a fuck and just living your life. You don't need to tell me how crazy and evil women are, believe me , I fucking know. When I first joined here I was like you but would get some pussy if the chance presented itself. Nowadays I don't give a fuck if I ever have sex again!! It's not worth the hassle. Time heals all and as time passes things will get a lot better. I promise.

    And I tried EVEREEEEYTHING I tried foreign chicks, trannies, the nawalt became like the alchemist stone of some big conspiracy to discover it's gold vagina formula.
    I hate to break it to you but to quote a line from Ted 2 about trannies

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