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    Happy Bachelor

    Hey everybody,

    New member here. I am a MGTOW who is still interested in dating. Nice to know there is a community of like minded individuals. Hope to learn a lot from my fellow members and love reading your takes on the world and how to succeed in a world hell bent on pussifying men.

    I became redpilled after a harsh breakup when I was 25. Changed the way I saw the world. I was with her for almost 7 years and she left me for another guy. As much as I don't want to, I still resent her to this day. Dated various other girls and my experiences with women only further my distrust for their genuine female natures. Women are unable to process how much failed relationships had to do with them. They always project and blame the man for everything. During my first relationship I idolized women, placed them on a pedestal and assumed that they were doing me a favor by dating me. I had no clue about how evil a woman could be. Bill Burr put it perfectly when he said "only the devil knows the secrets in a woman's heart." I turned to PUA and learned how to successfully sleep with women. It was a defining moment in my life. It allowed me to feel freedom from women for the first time in my life.

    My second girlfriend was equally as crazy and I broke up with her after only 6 months. She tried to assassinate my character after the breakup. Made a bunch of untrue claims about me to friends and family and within 1 week was dating a coworker of hers. After that I finally learned that I can no longer place my happiness in the hands of others -- especially a woman.

    Now I am moving to Asia. Life is good and only getting better. I finished school. I have upped my income. I have true goals and genuine interests in life that no longer revolve around women. I am looking to get into music production as a career. I am excited to make more money and continue to allow myself the freedom to do as I choose in this world.

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    Re: Happy Bachelor

    Well, hello there.

    You have found the correct subforum to present your Intro, but we seek more information. Please read the sticky in this subforum called How to Intro and either edit your post or add a new post to this thread. We all had to do one when we joined. If you continue to post without doing this, a nice Moderator will contact you. Thanks.
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