If there's a more explosive topic than gender, it's race. Many of us have opinions on race. Even more so because the press has a very skewed agenda on race, and suppresses various (most) perspectives. However, the reason we're part of this community is to discuss the MGTOW perspective, the reality of women today, what it means to live an independent life. Disagreements over race can only stoke divisions amongst us for no practical reason.

Please refrain from using racially derogatory terms. With this post and our Principles which request people not engage in racism, the warning is out there. If we see examples of it, we will temp-ban or perma-ban.

There are other sites on the net which are conducive to race discussions wherever you fall on the spectrum. We're a diverse community, spanning race & countries. So let's not contaminate the brotherhood of the community over something that actually has little to do with MGTOW. It is okay to discuss race in an observant, analytical way; OK to discuss race as it concerns women and their behavior; but we don't want language that is racially inflammatory.