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    Re: Does anyone have trouble ghosting in plain sight?

    Quote Originally Posted by Bonobo Protocol View Post
    It is just harder for me to care more about what people think. I even find myself talking to myself quite a bit more. My father does it and I have started to do it too. No I don't think there is anyone talking back. No I don't hear voices. It is a way for me to just compartmentalize my thoughts and see how they sound out loud. The problem is that I tend to care less and less what people think and have found myself talking to myself out in public. In places at Walmart, I would find myself getting mad and the dumbest stuff and voicing in kind of loud. Once I have really accepted the fact that most people are shit, I find myself having a great disdain for these sheep. I find myself not worrying what people think and sometimes show my anger a bit more than I used to. There are people who are even being nice or polite and I find myself angry at them sometimes.

    Anyways, I hope this makes a bit of sense.
    Yes, I can see it since I do it too even vocalising the internal dialogue. I'd like to think that at least I get a sensible conversation that way but oft-times my mind doesn't agree and still wants to vere-off into creative ifs, buts and maybe's.

    Some MGTOW report that in accepting things how they are (rather than how we wished they were) due to having discussed the nature of the beast, accepted it and thereby tamed it somewhat, they get to 'shrug the monkey off their back' and I have a theory that they lose the 10,000 yard stare that we can all develope and smile at life a bit more and that is why (in my theory) that many MGTOW report that they seem to become attractive to not only the usual suspects but to ordinary folks who would've been put-off by the previous demeanour from even saying "hello".

    In an older extinct forum I posted that thanks to MGTOW and realising that I wasn't so alone and that "its not me, its them but I play a part in that" that "I was no longer at war" because thats what everyday had felt like.

    Anyway, I still got sucker-punched but at least a small bit of the world was a bit friendlier but one such punch was getting accidentally diagnosed with hypertension which was me being at war with myself dues to basically not getting enough good nutrition. A change of diet to a more nutritious one (and less alcohol) made another biiiiig difference to the old 'internal peace conference'.

    I reckon that folks can play a much bigger part in our own suffering than we give ourselves credit for.

    Check-out everybody elses demeanours and '10,000 yard stares' and I bet the majority look like they're suffering, just about still game or pretending.

    When I see them I feel a bit joyful and thats not to delight in their suffering or shadenfreud but to know that at least we sussed-out the script a bit and can conduct ourselves away from that shit.

    I'm not trying to say that any of this is so in your or anyone elses case but just that I've been there in the past and in retrospect I didn't have to go far to look my enemy and the source of whats wrong with the in the eye.

    All I had to do was look in the mirror.
    Flow with whatever may happen and let your mind be free. Stay centered by accepting whatever you are doing. This is the ultimate. Zhuangzi

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    Dont worry about me. Worry about why you're worried about me.

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    Re: Does anyone have trouble ghosting in plain sight?

    That was a very insightful and thought-provoking post. Thanks for sharing it. I'm glad I'm not the only one who voices their internal monologue out loud.
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    Re: Does anyone have trouble ghosting in plain sight?

    I am glad others brought this up but ghosting doesn't mean you avoid confrontation all the time. It just means you are more selective when to engage and disengage with the world and the people around you.

    When to engage people and when not to is a social nuance and requires a calibration of those social senses. It requires practice, patience, and as it has been said a bit of stoicism. Throw in some cynicism and also a positive attitude and that is a recipe for success. Self confidence in that you can tackle the world on your own terms along is very liberating as a ghost.

    It is hardest to ghost when family is critical of all the choices you make in your life. But if you reveal your thoughts to these family members as it has been said they will actually become more belligerent. And with your thinking process these family members will more often attack these ideas as foreign, unconventional or not normal. Basically, some family members are looking to start a fight because they see your contentment and happiness and can not comprehend how you are able to have that without following the formula they have been indoctrinated with.

    I avoid confrontation with family members trying to put down my self esteem and telling me how to live my life. But if they insist on attacking me personally, yeah I will defend myself. I prefer not to have arguments with family but if they insist on a fight of the intellectual mind, body and spirit so be it. That is one fight they can not win against a ghost that has a love of life, freedom and peace.

    Living your way of life the way you want is the great equalizer. Over time you can tell who is pulling ahead in life and who has fallen behind. I have witnessed this in my own family where those heavily critical of my approach to life are now grasping for life preservers due to poor financial planning.

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    Re: Does anyone have trouble ghosting in plain sight?

    Quote Originally Posted by Azure Nomad View Post
    I am glad others brought this up but ghosting doesn't mean you avoid confrontation all the time. It just means you are more selective when to engage and disengage with the world and the people around you.
    I guess it is a question of picking one's battles. Is this person even worth trying to convince or argue with? I am often conflicted with not trying to change someone's mind with an idea versus being extremely vocal and defending my own ideas. I think that ghosting in plain sight is really a survival strategy at the end of the day. Sometimes it is stifling for me to do so because I would love to just be myself in front of anyone but unfortunately, reality makes that impossible.
    In the future there will be robots.

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