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    Query: Jobs suitable for ghosts?

    I'm curious as a non-ghost myself, if the ghosts among us have tailored their job selection to their lifestyle. Are there jobs that are more suited to a ghost lifestyle? A thought in another topic came to mind... if you need to avoid competing with women on the labor market, male dominated jobs (that women just do not want) seem the logical place to go. Firefighting, military, construction, maybe farming ('though with all the automation that's debatable now).

    Any ghosts who want to share their experiences or insights on this?
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    Re: Query: Jobs suitable for ghosts?

    Strange as it sounds, the federal government's a good place to ghost. Your race, religion, political beliefs and sexual orientation are all off limits if you don't want to talk. They don't mention us, but if you can worship at a snake church or sleep with whoever you want, well being quietly MGTOW is ok. True there's always some who never get the memo and like screwing people around, but their one signature away from some real trouble. The governments tired of being sued and they take this shit serious.

    The government's not for everybody, and there's no doubt better ways to ghost. I mention it mostly cause it can work, and nobody thinks of it as much of a MGTOW gig.
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    Re: Query: Jobs suitable for ghosts?

    Retired firefighter here. Firefighting is not the same as it was when I joined a major FD in the DFW area back in 1990. Back then, most men couldn’t pass the physical agility test. Now, they have made it where all but the most out of shape men can pass. So, a few women get hired in every academy class nowadays. When I was a young firefighter, you could joke about anything, horseplay, and have Playboy centerfolds taped on the walls. Not now. Due to women entering the fire service, all of that is history. Not that women were ever worth a shit at anything at a fire scene, except to get water for the guys that actually fought the fire. I’m so glad I was fortunate enough to have worked during a time before bitches invaded my former workspace.
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    Re: Query: Jobs suitable for ghosts?

    Night-time truck driver. That's what I do, and have done for the last 14 years, and I have zero contact with women, and only limited contact with anybody. My depot has 190 drivers, of which, 2 are women. All office staff in haulage companies tend to be men too. The wage can be quite good if you get with the right firm. Expect to earn consistently above the national average wage.

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    Re: Query: Jobs suitable for ghosts?

    Mechanic. Even in the industry you can ghost fairly well. Mainly because you're focusing on the task at hand. I'm not much of a talker and I fit right in. The womyn who are there are used to not getting pussy privilege. Though I'd say stay away but not shitting where you eat applies to pretty much any job.
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    Re: Query: Jobs suitable for ghosts?

    A hi-vis vest instantly makes you invisible to women.

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    Re: Query: Jobs suitable for ghosts?

    Working from home in the gig economy

    Independent contractor

    Active day trader

    Just several examples where you are more reliant on yourself and less on others which does it make easier to ghost. Requires experience and taking more risk.

    For the average guy going through college retail is good if you are willing to work evenings. Day time retail is a land mine and the lack of experience college aged men have is a big drawback working that time of the day. This is because these young men don't understand the subtle and overt nuances of customer interactions with men and women plugged in like drones.

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