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    I was reading Proigal Sons recent post "The Pieces Finally Fit" and this thought occured to me.

    Who doesn't want freedom? Of course we cant have limitless freedom because we need a certain amount of income to live well. The freedom that we allow ourselves is, however, on a sliding scale. For example at one end of the scale we might have a single man with few obligations that has saved enough income to retire early. At the other end we have those that are in prison and have the least ability to make choices in their lives. As a person adds obligations like a spouse, kids, car payments, house payments, or anything else that requires that he perform (rather than choosing to perform), he slides further toward the "less free" side of the scale. Most people do not consider it from this perspective and do not guard against the loss of freedom. The result is that the majority of people live lives of voluntary servitude and never realize that they have built the prison cell in which they are imprisoned.

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    Re: Freedom

    I think the fundamental problem is that most folks dont realize what they lose, until its gone.

    By most folks, im referring to males. I came within a nanosecond myself of doing the same thing. Society teaches obligation,duty , responsibility, and the women promote the lie that marriage is a socially responsible thing to do.Most guys decide spending their lives checking the social boxes while also living with their sexpot girlfriends is a good idea. Yet, much like a detonated bomb, those sods only realize the problem after the damage is permanently done.

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    Re: Freedom

    Freedom can also be a frightening thing - many people shy away from it.

    Personally, I am very vulnerable to routine. Even though I'm MGTOW now and always, I have other things I need to work on, like broadening my horizons a bit more.
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    Re: Freedom

    I've been inside the cage. I'm not going back in there. Not even at gunpoint.

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    Re: Freedom

    Its ironic that so many Americans consider themselves patriotic. A common expression is "Freedom isnt free". Children are taught that men gave their lives so that you could have the freedom that you enjoy. Meanwhile the average married man is not doing the things that make him happy because he is busy doing those things that make his wife and children happy. Its selfish to have such thoughts. So whats this whole freedom thing all about if a man is unable to enjoy it?

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    Re: Freedom

    With all our freedoms , people are more scared than I've ever seen. We must be fundamentally out of touch with True Nature.
    What if the Chicken McNuggets run out .

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    Re: Freedom

    freedoms? whats that??
    seriously... this is part of my "great lie" thread... government class.. I figured I spent most of my time in that being lied to about my so-called "inalienable rights"..
    like taff I had any... couldn't invoke the smallest of them without being ground under the rights of someone else... it was like I didn't count.
    now don't get the wrong idea... I just figure Uncle Sam owes me some answers for this.... that's all I want.. some answers...
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    Re: Freedom

    Freedom is directly proportional to how much you care about others opinion of you. To be truly free, you have to accept that no one else can live your life for you. Whatever it is you hope to achieve, the effort has to be from your own abilities and conducted according to your own rational self interest. If what you want is beyond your current abilities, you can learn and train. If your finances currently don't allow for some things, either get another job or tighten things up to free up the resources. We have applied the "risk/reward" or "cost/benefit" analysis to when it comes to dealing with the female of the species. Apply this model to other areas of your life as well, without sentimental considerations. Things that add no perceived value or that are detrimental to your plans should be jettisoned.
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    Re: Freedom

    Freedom as a ghost means that I do not do what is obligated by society. I pay myself with obligations that I deem necessary and disregard social norms and customs that waste my time. Hearing from my elders that time is the most precious commodity while seeing people waste their time with pointless social customs reveals that people are stuck in a dumb loop.

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