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What makes or breaks most people in their 20's is the inability of people to be comfortable with themselves. By the time most people, especially men reach 30 years of age they look like an empty husk that simply wanders around aimlessly.

I wouldn't say being a ghost allows me to focus more, but it does help to allow me to focus on what I want to do. Why everyone else dances to the tune of the puppet master I am over there on the other side doing my own jig in my own spotlight.

It took me a very long time to consider your advice.

I would act as an entertainer first. Entertainers tend to make people uncomfortable for a reason.
So the audience can laugh at their own misfortune.

The plot is always fictional. That way fakers are always female. Producers are always male.

It's not the only way, but it still remains viable for now.

I don't want a spotlight, and have no need for one,
I wouldn't discourage any other performer.
Brainstorming and propaganda fit together like bulleits and shot glasses.

have fun and be real.