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    Cool Disguise Manual

    I wanted to see if I could find anything online about how to disguise myself for ghosting purposes. Alot of it is about the philosophy and mindset of disguise, rather than parlour-tricks.

    I've already started doing this to some degree, buying clothing that makes me seem like a backwoods country boy when I'm nothing of the sort (or so I like to tell myself, lol) and trying them out in different places, such as asking for an application at a job you don't plan on getting anyway, just to gauge people's reactions. It can be kinda fun, especially reverse-slumming, where you dress up rich and hobnob with the schmucks, all the while gaining more information about human behaviour. It's a fun way to pass the time and apply Redpill glasses to the world.

    So I found a link to a PDF online about disguise, on a site created for rabid SJW's, of all things. They have knowledge, that's for sure. Here's a link.

    If it ain't cool to drop this, lemme know and I'll delete.
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    There's something very fun about MGTOW. In an odd sense, like charting a new territory of the mind, or rediscovering a long lost civilization. Occult knowledge, secret societies, cannibal natives (THOTS), it's all very exciting... lololol.

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    Re: Disguise Manual

    Mundane is the best way to hide! I have 3 cars and one truck, one car does wheelies, another is a roadster with fenders, and the last one is mundane, which one do you think I drive? Lets just say the wheelie popper hasn't been on the road since 1982! The flashy stuff is kept out of sight! I do everything to avoid attention! My last traffic ticket in this state was in 1989! I fly under the radar with my propellers trimming the treetops!
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    Re: Disguise Manual

    Not bad info, but I'm already there. Short, bald, underdressed, I don't need to hide. I repel them without trying. Hiding in plain sight I am.
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    Re: Disguise Manual

    As part of the 80%, I am already invisible....

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    Re: Disguise Manual

    These matters concern me quite a bit, in two separate domains of my life. The first as a teacher in a school staffed primarily by NPCs, the second as a white person in China.
    At work I generally keep to myself and stay out of the way. I balance that with the occasional well-placed joke (for people are much less likely to resent/suspect those who make them laugh) and the odd logic bomb which, while too innocuous to allude to this ideology or that, at the same time makes clear I have a mind of my own and will remain outside the clutches of the anti-intellectual herd. Of course the possibility of false accusations concerns me, but both my rigidly asexual demeanor and the sheer hideousness of most of my colleagues makes any such accusation very implausible.
    Being white in China makes ghosting quite a challenge indeed. (Ironically one term they have for us is "ghost," though this means something very different to what it means here.) If Chinese nationalism ever achieved its goal of kicking us all out, small children would have no one to point and shout at (with grandparents egging them on). So how does one ghost under such conditions? On the one hand, there is a certain maximum frame control- no eye contact, no emotion and interactions are kept to a strict minimum. Those few interactions which are unavoidable must be articulated clearly and error-free the first time, lest undue attention be attracted from passersby. Trying not to give them any ammo for their narrative that we are bumbling monolingual fools (the profound irony being that usually it is they who meet these criteria).
    Ghosting from Chinese women deserves mention here- no doubt word has gotten around that China's "leftover women" have Western men in their sights as they perceive us (sadly, accurate in most cases) as more open to wifing up divorcees or others past their prime. I speak Chinese and am literate, and this alone is usually a sufficient deterrent. They are easily intimidated as the demonstration of value by the Chinese female in such interracial relationships is as translator, in addition of course to her capacity as a series of holes. Along with an ironclad asexual bearing and they are left with demonstrating value beyond these two competencies- which is simply outside of their capacity.
    Even in spite of my best efforts, outside of my work I ghost about as well as a sore thumb. Fingers crossed for breakthroughs with technology for cloaking devices or holograms.

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