Here’s an example of the utility of reframing to domains*outside the sphere of pickup. Reader PA asks,
What is a good, short, SFW [safe for work] response to the 77% [pay gap] lie?
Other than its not true if type of profession, years of experience, and overtime are factored in.
PA is right to tacitly assert*that an effective reframe to a ridiculous but widely-believed PC lie should be short and sweet and digestible. References to arid data or statistical qualifications*won’t win over the common plebe or plebette.
One reason why anti-Cathedral dissidents rarely get traction in these sorts of arguments they should be winning handily is that they don’t know how to package their pushback in a way that makes it more receptive*to the part of the listening audience who aren’t brain-dead true believers. What is true for seduction is true for persuasion. Terse charm >>> loquacious insistence.
So in that vein, some*persuasive, office-friendly*reframes to the 77% pay gap lie would be:
“You say that like it’s men’s fault.”
“And secretaries*only make 10% of CEOs. We should narrow that gap too.”
“Motherhood really competes with work.”
“Handouts would fix the problem.”
I welcome the readers to add their own pay gap myth reframes.
PS On a related subject, change is a-blowin’ in the wind, my friends. It’s small change, but something is definitely happening. I’ve noticed of late a certain reticence by the*boyfriends of SWPL girls to robotically agree with their girlfriends’ feminist boilerplate. Instead of the usual head nodding and “yes, yes”s whenever their girls babble feminist cant, these once-sackless wonders have begun to look off into the distance impatiently, and their blank expressions betray conversation thread-killing neutrality. It’s not the CH-style shiv, but it’s better than total supplication.
I’d like to think that the Chateau message is finally influencing the zeitgeist; if so, we may be cresting the horizon to revolution, and moving into a brighter, sunnier, more unapologetically erect day.

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