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    Attraction and female choice

    There absolutely is no pattern whatsoever to a woman’s attraction. Or rather, just like men, they are attracted to large numbers of the opposite sex, with a rather low standard of beauty. But, unlike men, they suppress that attraction (women are crazy).

    A lot of the problems is that the average woman(5) thinks it's a 7 who deserves a 9 guy. These women rarely get the 9. However, what they do is randomly screw men who are anywhere from a 1 to a 6. Most of the time they are stuck up, wanting that 9. But much like their eating, which involves several days of strict control followed by a binge once or twice a week, they’d sleep with anybody.

    All women are like this, beautiful, ugly, single, married, young, old. Their status is mostly fixed. Most of the time they will only consider that high end range of their status. But alot of the time they will grab a random person from somewhere in a range around their status. Let’s say she is a 6. Most of the time she won’t even glance at any guy who isn’t a 10. But once or twice a month, she’d grab a 4. Once she has sex with that 4, HE BECOMES ONE OF THE GUYS SHE’D HAVE SEX WITH AT ANY TIME.

    If you’re a 5 (ie most guys), you either need to limit yourself initially to women who you are a 10 for OR you need to improve your timing and be able to tell when women are in slut mode.

    Also, and this is important, because women make these decisions at random, they often have difficulty judging their looks, status, whatever, compared to yours. What matters is social proofing. No matter how ugly you look, if you date a lot of women, good looking women will find you attractive. This also works in reverse. That's why it's almost impossible to get dates on Tinder. Women there think you're a loser for being online and unable to get any dates at all. It doesn't matter if you have all these signs of being much higher status than her. All she looks at is the social proof that you are also an online loser, like her.

    Also all women have a fantasy in their head about a perfect guy. The fantasy is different for every girl but isn’t too much in line with what men are typically like. No man who doesn’t match the fantasy is welcome. Time passes and a woman gets desperate for a man and then goes out gets drunk and gets a random guy. After a while she gets tired of the guy, banishes him and goes again into fantasy mode waiting for the perfect man.Some will look at you and go, yum, but (unless you are very good at enticing them) they will deny their normal need for sex, love, companionship and intimacy, because they are holding out for Brad Pitt. Of course the average woman never meets Brad Pitt or Donald Trump or James Bond or whatever her wacko fantasy of perfect is, and after awhile her unmet needs overwhelm her. Then she grabs just anybody, usually the scum of the earth because they are easy to get. She feels shame afterward. BUT, she becomes addicted to the shame (identifies herself as being a bad person) and seeks out that type of partner more and more.Your chances of catching a woman who is in slut mode is maybe one in ten. If you woo her correctly, she will go for you. The chances of meeting a woman who you match her fantasy is about 1 in a hundred (completely random).

    I will go so far as to say you cannot ask a woman out (or for anything else, for that matter). The very minute you ask for something, anything, your value plummets. It has nothing to do with you and everything to do with the fact that the woman is insane. The incredible irony of this is, the woman was probably interested in you, if she’s hanging out with you, but the moment you show interest or ask for something, or try to impress her, you become worthless in her eyes.

    This is why it is so important that your initial approach is oblique, feigning disinterest and focussing on attracting her rather than pursuing her. It’s also why you should never, EVER approach a woman who doesn’t show clear signs of interest. And, you are probably wasting your time with anyone but one percenters (the 1% of women who will show strong signs of interest if you elicit them). Identifying the right woman is far more important than the approach (although the wrong approach will also lead to failure).

    Always remember that your relationship with ALL WOMEN is time limited. There is no way around that. She will leave without any hesitation and it will be like you were never together.

    Lastly, the moment a woman “has you”, she no longer wants you and will stop trying. The moment you accept the monogamous relationship, the bad behavior starts and she will soon be gone. You can’t keep her. But, you can make her stay around longer by making her compete.

    [Mod note: portions were lifted from other websites without attribution. At least these two, maybe more:
    The Masculine Principle: Finding the Small Pool of Interested Women
    ]Bad Request
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    Re: Attraction and female choice

    Quote Originally Posted by Niceguy_chad View Post
    This is why it is so important that your initial approach is oblique,
    Since this is advice for stepping towards women, I've moved this thread to the Game sub-forum, where such discussions belong. See the Game stickies.
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    Re: Attraction and female choice

    Also :

    Never, never, NEVER go to a nightclub and never pay a cover (ie, never go to a place where they want to charge men for access to women….because that access is a deception). Instead, go to a neighborhood pub with no cover.
    The very fact that women get in free in a particular place, makes that place worthless for getting laid. This is the difference between neighborhood bars and a nightclub. Women get way, waaaaayyyy too many points in a nightclub. They don’t need to fuck any of the guys there because they’ve already gotten what they came there to get (the adoration and feeling of being attractive and valuable ). A woman in a nightclub is there to be seen, to dance and maybe to be felt up on the dance floor. She’s going home alone at the end of the night, especially if they are in packs (90% of the time).

    However, a woman in a bar is a different story. She’s either there to socialize with people she knows or to be picked up. It’s easy to tell because she will be alone. At most, she will have one (and only one) girlfriend with her.

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