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Thread: Temporary Bans

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    Temporary Bans

    Temporary bans are a sanction the Mod Team will use when someone goes way out of line, and writes a post or a series of posts that flat-out violate the Principles of this board. We had an example a few days ago, of two members who turned a thread into a snark-fest, going from argument to antagonism to trading insults. That is not civil discourse, it's bratty behavior. (Incidentally, their ban has ended.)

    We've discussed the idea of writing up temp-bans in this sub-forum, and going back to delete them when the ban is lifted, but we're busy enough that we've decided against it. If you see a newly-banned member who is not written up here, it was a temporary ban - and if you check that member's latest threads, you're likely to see one that ends with a Moderator's ban message and thread closure.

    Before I step down from this soap-box, let me just remind you that we are MGTOW, not BGTBW ... Men Going Their Own Way, not "Brats Going Their Bratty Way."

    Thank you -
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    Re: Temporary Bans

    It's easy to get carried away on-line. A good principle is "Never post anything that you would't say to someone's face", and even then remember that you never know someone's entire story.

    I've been temp-banned myself. It's a good solution to a common problem.

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