Different, this one. But, then again, not really.

Member joined Aug 2018, posted 33 times on the site. On or before September 23, 2018, he deleted all of his posts except two.

His penultimate post updated his thread from a week before.

In his Intro thread, he deleted his Intro. Dude wanted out. He set his account to not receive any messages or emails from Admin, Mods, or members.

Whether he later disavowed what he wrote as Intro or no longer wanted it known, his Intro thread is itself a mystery, having a goodbye of sorts for the title of it's Post #1 where, on his last visit, he edited the contents of this post to leave us with his final message:

It was good meeting you folks for the short time I was here, but life-changes have now compelled me to seek out the deeper country of ghosting.
Remember, it's not a ban, it's a farewell.