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    Re: Every time it gets me..

    Thanks mate, It's something that's been a reality for me, but when one feels lonely or anxious one doesn't always recall the bad shit from relationships immediately. I guess that's human desire for security from familiarity, even if such familiarity is a form of punishment. Eg. returning to an abusive ex.

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    Re: Every time it gets me..

    People like the ruts they get themselves into. These ruts are comfortable because they don't require us to change, adapt, or challenge ourselves. There's nothing wrong with finding a good, comfortable rut. If your friend thinks being single means being lonely it's only because he can't imagine being happy without some woman in his life. That's his rut. Not yours. The next time he asked me about finding a good woman, I would ask him what planet these good women are on (Venus, maybe?) and how would I get there anyway?
    "Don't follow in my footsteps. I stepped in something."

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    Re: Every time it gets me..

    Invest time in finding a good woman?

    What she seems to not be now can change in an instant. She's not like that? Whatever. She can choose to be like that at any time.

    It is the responsibility of no man to dig through garbage in order to find the 'good woman'.

    Enough women are like that. And she can choose to be 'garbage' anytime she wishes and she will be applauded and supported for making that 'brave' choice.

    Investing time in finding a good woman is like investing time in catching Unicorns.

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    Re: Every time it gets me..

    it's hard being a red pilled man in a blue pill world

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    Re: Every time it gets me..


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    Re: Every time it gets me..

    Quote Originally Posted by Doods-007 View Post
    Was visiting a mate today who is in poor health.

    He has lived the life and i know he means well. He asked me should i not invest some time in finding a good woman? Everytime someone says this to me it makes me doubt my life and if i am doing something wrong.

    I do enjoy my life and i know some areas off my life that need the attention.

    Do you guys get like that too when someone says this too you?
    I think of it when its mentioned to me. Good memories pop in my head but at the same time I can't ever date and/or live with a woman ever again. After dealing with them all my life and the hurt they bring its just not worth it. You probably think "I know happy couples" but I PROMISE you they are miserable behind closed doors.

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