This community board is for those who self-identify as bachelors, which we've taken a stab at defining here. We aim to stay true to that.

Anyone can read this board. If you don't consider yourself a bachelor, my recommendation is to read and get a feel for it. It's better than to dive in, miss the mark, and have your post deleted. This community's a little different than the Lounge. It's best just to click the link above but I'll summarize part of it - we don't oversell the risks in being around women, we spend most of our time talking about interesting things we're doing, self-improvement - we listen and ask more than we dispense advice.

Though first billing is for those who self-identify as bachelor (and declare as much in their profile), anyone can post. However, if posts go astray, they will be deleted. If someone has 2 posts deleted, we will ask that person to refrain from posting here. If you have questions, PM me. If you have a post about something interesting you did and want to share it- you can never go wrong by posting it here.