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Thread: Cool Places

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    Re: Cool Places

    not sure if this fits.... but the closest I've ever been to being "out of the country" was a post-Thanksgiving visit to Niagara Falls.... US side..
    still..the view was intoxicating... too bad it was the off-season for the "Maid of the Mist" then... (would have been great to see that much raw power up close...)
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    Re: Cool Places

    First visit to Pattaya,back in december 2013.Entering the famous Walking Street,with everything it has to offer......
    nothing comes close, any many more trips have followed.

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    Re: Cool Places

    Surreal Moments:

    Driving West on I-40 in New Mexico around 1:00am in a terrible thunder storm. The road rose above the cloud level and I watched lightning flashed below me in the canyons and valleys for 30 minutes of so.

    Watching an elderly man drive the back 1/2 of a small european car down the streets of Kandahar. The "car/cart" was pulled by a single donkey and motorized vehicles were flying by on either side. The gentleman did not have a care in the world, just going his own way.

    Ultimate moment:

    Watching an F-4 in afterburner fly over at 100 feet +- and drop a full ordnance load at Ft Bragg. Even with PPE, I could not hear anything for an hour or so. Made a hot summer day turn into a cool as shit event of a lifetime.
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