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    Rose is off Her Meds and A Young Chick Wants Me

    Two different blogs being featured here today neither of them mine
    I've either had someone I associate with or seen someone I know get their page or group shut down by this cadre that is now beginning to mass report MRA, MGTOW, Red Pill, Gamergate etc. There is now a confirmed group doing this. While their attacks have thus far been pretty ineffective and have had about as much effect as a firecracker against a fuel air bomb they're out there. If you have a site on Facebook you need to keep this in mind. In fact, the very writer of this blog was a victim himself https://theredpillnation.wordpress.c...ds-ihypocrite/
    I Hypocrite Wordpress Page
    The second one is a story that I can personally identify with as not 3 months ago I damn near fell into this trap. Had the woman in question not gone and stumbled and made a mistake herself the story here might've been VERY different indeed. In my case a combination of factors kept me from dealing with a situation that at some other time would've been a cakewalk for me. A strong suggestion here is that you need to recognize when you're in a reduced emotional and mental state and let people know
    Red Male Hummingbird Wordpress Page

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    Re: Rose is off Her Meds and A Young Chick Wants Me

    I've added that red male hummingbird blog to my read list. So much gold!

    She has a boyfriend. At least that’s what I can tell from looking at her personal profiles from over the web. As someone who knows something about women I know that this unfortunately means nothing.
    We create all these imaginary things in our head and then we project them onto that person. But the reality is always different, always less great. Not because of our dreams, but because women don’t dream in the same way.

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