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    Natural Born MGTOW

    Re: Me becoming a misanthropist

    Thanks for all your comments. It's not that I want my friends to share my views or my opinion. I just see in their behavior a completely different perception

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    Natural Born MGTOW

    Re: "too much" video games???

    Hi guys

    I m curious and I wanted to ask you guys a question. Are any of you into the ArmA series? I saw on the ArmA forum a Chairborne and

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    Re: My ears are burning

    Here's a good one from the blue pill chumps at City Data if you can stomach it. A couple of half-decent comments, but most are just ignorant garbage.

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    Re: Camouflage suggestion

    When i enter in ghost mode some years ago (years before i knew about MGTOW) i gain weight, dress the same almost always (black shirt, jeans), keep my

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    Re: Social status, prestige, and hard work means nothing in the Western World.

    Here here!
    Very well put, brother.

    This whole episode stinks of phemale psychosis.

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