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    Re: The INCEL Issue;

    Love that term. Makes me want to put that order in for my pod!

    Incels are a very easy target because who hasn't held them in contempt at

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    Re: Guy improves himself and then gets attacked for it

    Both of the threads are required reading for any young man, and the rest of us confused older men.

    Disney girls are not coming back. They

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    Mr Wombat

    Re: The INCEL Issue;

    The current hoo-hah about incels is a fine example of what Vox Day calls "point and shriek", step 1 of the usual SJW beat-down.

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    Alik Sakharov

    Re: Addyi, first female libido drug, hits shelves Saturday

    Everyones libido cools off to the same person in a year or two . It doesnt matter whether he or she is the hottest thing in the world . The person just

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    Re: Will Hipsters claim being MGTOW?

    MGTOW starts with taking care of yourself, but to do it right takes more. You have to be willing to help others without expecting much in return. How

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