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    743 Roadmaster

    Re: Soy Boy. Soy Milk

    Indonesia and the Philipines do and have, but on to the other point. Smaller have developed fighting systems like martial arts which all came out of Asia.

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    Re: Masculinity... What is it???

    Here is an example of conflicting ideals.

    Does every person deserves equal rights? Is everyone equal according to the law? Does everyone

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    Alik Sakharov

    Re: 3 Ugly Truths that Will Upset Women

    Youtube should ban videos longer than 3 minutes

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    Alik Sakharov

    Re: What are your thoughts on Roosh V?

    Of course its a conspiracy . You tell anyone that your government lies to you all the time . They will say - yes , yes ...

    And will go back

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    Re: Women Being Seen and Not Heard

    Ear cancer inducing womyn with their vocal fry and shit should certainly shut up

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