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    Re: New shaming tactic against MGTOW: Chasing money is a sin

    Two words that never belong in the same sentence: HOME FASHION. I once encountered a woman on a dating site who loved slow-pitch, drinking beer and gutting

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    Re: MGTOW HQ Is Down

    HQ is a different site. They went 'All back of the bus' a while back and keep to themselves.

    Tangent Today, 5:40 AM Go to last post
    Azure Nomad

    Re: Face Tune app

    Females understand how to manipulate their looks as neoteny is a biological trigger for men to protect and serve their genetic off spring. Women wear

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    Re: Face Tune app

    The "After" pic looks like one of those boring Anime characters, child like and similar looking to all the other anime characters.

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    Re: Feminist solipsism at its finest

    Exactly. I have always found the Alpha/Beta etc thing rather stupid. An "Alpha" spends a lot of their time maintaining their status and they

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