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    Re: Ace Francis: Like Demontheness said "PLESE BAN ME"...

    Yep, Ok. You're always going to be right. It's your forum. If this is what you call 'what i have', then delete my account. I won't put up a fight, or

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    Re: Post wall woman tries to sell relationships

    I didn't see the link to the video (as usual), but judging from the comments this woman sounds like a prime candidate for one of those robots we've been

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    Re: Inflatable Wife

    The ad says he's got a new wife. I wonder if batteries were included?

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    Re: Biblical Prophecy and MGTOW

    I was a born again Christian once. We used to discuss the end times and someone said that near the end before God comes for His people, men and women

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    Re: This is some next level simpery right here.

    If it bothers this bozo so much because I wont date his sister (neither will the rest of us) maybe he should have his sister take him to her doctor for

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