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    Re: Joke Time

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    Re: Unwelcome member

    That horrific screed past off as prose is really the slime that oozes out of the mind of a male feminist. Self-loathing in the extreme, the male feminist

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    Re: Long overdue introduction, been busy!

    Yikes. Talk about rock bottom and clawing your way back out of that pit. Sounds like you're a son of a Chad from your parents description...

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    Re: Disney fairytales endorsing rape culture

    The short men are not men, because they're short, and ugly. Even though they mine diamonds and emeralds and toil in a hot and dangerous mine, they are

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    Re: [Comedy] When Youtube "redpills" the "love of your life"

    This is how lefties view their political adversaries. You have to understand how their brainwashed minds are programmed.

    1. There are two

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