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    743 Roadmaster

    Re: MGTOW video gone viral

    Being the internet and youtube, one has to consider it is all a set up. Did not watch it all, but she just is laying there I do not know any woman that

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    Re: Masculinity... What is it???

    If you think patriarchy is good, then please visit Saudi Arabia and just see what the average life is like for the average man. Middle eastern women

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    743 Roadmaster

    Re: What are your thoughts on Roosh V?

    How dose the saying go, much ado about nothing.

    Had to look up the name, only had to read as far as he calls himself a pick up artist.

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    Re: Hi

    Please post a proper, detailed introduction before posting in the lounge.
    We need this to filter out gynocracists.

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    743 Roadmaster

    Re: 3 Ugly Truths that Will Upset Women

    He brings up a lot of points, but being youtube he is in fear of being demonetized so dose not bring the hammer.

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