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    The Prisoner

    Re: Alyssa Milano again - SEX STRIKE!

    Milano says that men are trying to take away a women's right to her own sexual freedom. What sexual freedoms or reproductive rights do men have? I can

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    The Prisoner

    Re: Daisy Cousins reacts to the angry MGTOWs

    Wow, Daisy gave me permission to go my own way??? I am going to sleep so much better at night knowing that I have her approval.[/sarcasm] I will give

    The Prisoner Today, 4:39 AM Go to last post

    Re: Always believed it was somehow my fault.

    I know some happily married couples. But their so rare all they do is prove that for most of us, it will never happen.

    Shared hardship

    frog Today, 4:27 AM Go to last post

    Re: The only thing that women have given me is suffering

    I can't think of anything to say to that for how low that is.

    Nino, do you have any hobbies or activities?

    Unboxxed Today, 3:53 AM Go to last post

    Re: Always believed it was somehow my fault.

    Jaden I think I have only met 1 or 2 couples that claimed to be happily married.....and that was a long time ago............the graveyard? yup!

    Hoppes#9 Today, 2:43 AM Go to last post
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